I don’t want to say good bye…

Saturday, May 6th, 2017

The most depressing day of the week – departure day.  Marcus and I had done most of our packing the night before, so this morning we were able to enjoy what little time we had left on the boat.  We were able to check on our first boat (Turquoise Dreams) and see that she had been repaired and was ready to go later that day – with Indy and Jo on their first official BVI charter.  We spent some time visiting with our crew, and saying good bye to our fellow boat mates. 

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Our last day?!? Already?!?!

Friday, May 5th, 2017

For some crazy, insane reason, Marcus and I were up at 5am!  It had to have been our subconscious telling us to get up and enjoy our last full day of this incredible trip.  Luckily, Capt Rich wasn’t too far behind us, as the plan was to leave behind The Bight and head over to the Indians bright and early, as there are only a handful of mooring balls available.

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To Jump – or Not to Jump

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

Early risers once again.  We headed out of Great Harbor and over to Soper’s Hole for one last opportunity for souvenir buying.  It was sad to think we were at the point of having use the word “last” for anything!  We enjoyed breakfast at Soper’s Hole, before being taken by Dinghy to the marina.  There’s not really a lot to see in Soper’s Hole – Pusser’s restaurant is there, as well as a dive shop, a grocery store, the Marina office and a few other shops filled with clothing and souvenirs.  Nothing that was of that much interest to Marcus or I, other than the dive map of the BVI that we picked up.

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Sandy Cay, White Bay & Great Harbor

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

Up just after the sun – coffee, sunscreen, a good book and the sun deck – today’s first stop was Sandy Cay.  We quickly motored over and tied off to a mooring ball just in time for breakfast.  Today, Dom treated us to our usual spread, plus some scrambled eggs and sausage.  After breakfast, the morning was once again ours, to do with as we liked. 

Having just started another book, I absolutely couldn’t wait to bury my nose back in it, so I elected to stay on board, and catch some sun.  Marcus couldn’t pass up the opportunity to explore another uninhabited island in the BVI.  Sandy Cay is 13 ½ miles of protected National Park.  With a well-maintained trail, it’s easy to walk completely around the island.  Or so Marcus told me.     Continue reading “Sandy Cay, White Bay & Great Harbor”

Diamond Reef, Myetts & Dice!

Tuesday, May 2nd

We were up early at 6:10 when the engines fired up. As had become our morning ritual, I grabbed my latest book and headed up to the top deck to enjoy the trip to our morning destination. This morning, we motored and sailed to “The Dogs.” The Dog Islands is a small collection of six uninhabited islands between Tortola and Virgin Gorda. We grabbed a mooring ball at Great Dog and set up for Breakfast.

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Sunday, April 30th

Sleep evaded us last night.  In part, due to the rain – in part, due to heat.  Our cabin was small, and we had to climb over one another to get into and out of our bed, but it was surprisingly comfortable.  TD does not have AC, our only option for cooling our cabin was to open the hatch in our cabin.  We were lucky to have two – one at the foot of the bed, and one above our head, we also had two small fans at the head of the bed.  The Caribbean breeze was incredible, so our cabin had cooled off nicely, making sleeping conditions very comfortable…. until it rained.  Up to close the hatches.  Back to sleep, only to awaken when the cabin was hot and the air was stuffy.  Open the hatch. … and then in rained again.  Up again to close the hatch.  Back to sleep…. well, you get the picture.  It was 2am (according to my phone) – I couldn’t take any more of this!!  Marcus and I switched sides of the bed, and I decided I would rather get rained on, than keep opening and closing the hatch – so, I took the spot directly under the hatch.

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